Brutal Friday, Metal Theology

Ever since I was small, the name “Good Friday” didn’t make much sense to me. It seemed that of all the days of his ministry, Good Friday would be the day Jesus of Nazareth said to himself “Man this whole enlightened badass, Messiah, Son of God gig really blows”. And then he got shafts of metal driven through his limbs and was hung to die surround by a bunch of douche bags. And that is not good, in fact it really blows. Which brings us to the normal reason why people call today “Good”; the concept of human salvation via blood sacrifice. Let’s now unravel this one. An all loving and powerful creator is going to hold an entire race of beings accountable for their insect-like actions and iniquities and then he’s going to kill an aspect of himself in order to destroy that debt that He Himself instated in the first place? God sounds pretty damn convoluted if you ask me. I’m gonna look at all that theology and say fuck that.

I’m not going to claim to understand everything that could have occurred in the mind of Christ those last hours but I will say this. On a purely human physical level it sucked. It was not Good, it was Brutal. Further, my gnostic understanding of Jesus of Nazareth as THE enlightened mother fucker in Galilee and Judea. I’m going to restate my belief from the Lent blog: through time spent in complete self denial and inward thought during his time in the desert, Jesus became Christ. He came to understand whatever innate abilities had been bubbling to the surface since his youth and returned convinced that it was his duties to awake this in other people. To make the blind see their divine potential as he had realized it. Christ is thus a hyper aware and powerful being. It is my belief that pain as he would have experienced it must have been more terrible than any unenlightened human such as we can comprehend. Despite the ability to obliterate every centurion in Judea in a flash he submitted to torture and execution by worthless animals. These human beings feared that their order would be overthrown. What does an empire of men matter to one who is on the level of a God? Already in his trials in the desert, Christ had rejected the claim to earthly power. These humans do not undersand this being and thus they must fear him as animals. I find the line from the Gospel of Luke most compelling here: “Father, forgive them for they know not what they do,”. The soldiers, the mob, indeed humanity has not an idea of what it is doing in both destroying this man but in any action they undertake. We stumblers,we blinded shackled beings destroyed one of the truly few who was not. Since then we have twisted and perverted his ideas to such a point that his message of freedom becomes one of slavery to clergy and a growing apathy towards any religious thought. We are content to go through our lives as animals.

So on this Brutal Friday, I would challenge anyone reading this to truly consider your life. I don’t give a fuck if your Sikh, Muslim, Jewish, or an acolyte of Mithra. Actually if you’re down with Mithra get in touch. But ask yourself: Are you happy? Do your actions exist only as reactions to your immediate desires? What are you doing that makes your own life any more significant than that of an ant? Live a life of a true human. Escape yourself.


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