Albums to get excited for: Red Fang “Murder the Mountains”

There are some bands that take an old formula and freshen it up their own personalities into something that feels fresh and original. To me, Red Fang are one of the best examples of this. Their brand of stripped down, riff-a-holic metal is too good not to love. Red Fang, like Kvelertak, are one of those bands that makes you ache for summer days drinking beers by the grill with your metal friends. And I think that’s something we can all get behind.

Recently some live vids of new songs have been popping up of Red Fang playing material off their debut album for Relapse Records, Murder the Mountains. It’s the same Red Fang you know and love, but with just the right twist to keep it fresh. I can’t even put my finger on it, but the two songs I’ve spent a lot of time with, “Wires” and “Number Thirteen,” are a step into a pleasant “same but different” sound. Maybe it’s the pacing, since these songs feel a little sludgier in tempo, which would explain why I dig them so much…

Check out a video of the band playing “Wires” live below, and when you’re done pre-order that shit here. Because this is definitely an album you’re going to want to be spinning for all your summer metal-centric BBQ jams.


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