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Actual News: All Pigs Must Die in the Studio, Signed to Southern Lord

It’s recently come out that one of my favorite new bands, All Pigs Must Die have signed with one of my favorite labels, Southern Lord. There’s something wholly satisfying about that, y’know? Continue reading ‘Actual News: All Pigs Must Die in the Studio, Signed to Southern Lord’


Serious Review Time: All Pigs Must Die – EP

I fucking love going to shows. As awesome as it is to see a band you love, and get that rush that can only come from being bombarded with intense volume, and being surrounded by people as excited and obnoxious as yourself, I get even more excited when I go to a show and discover something new. I’ve found a lot of awesome bands that way, and this past Saturday at Cake Shop that’s exactly what happened with All Pigs Must Die.
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Kvelertak: Rockin’ It Norwegian Metal Crazy Style

I feel like sometimes metal bands focus on the wrong aspects of what metal music should be. It isn’t all about breakdowns and blast beats and burning shit on stage. That shit’s got its place and there’s nothing wrong with it, but sometimes you just need to strip it all down and bring it back home to just fucking laying down some sick riffs and venting out every ounce of frustration. It’s that kind of energy and excitement that really gets me wrapped up in a band, and that’s why I am in love with Kvelertak.

Hailing from a country more well known for its equally epic and tired black metal, Kvelertak seem to turn their backs on the “safe” route by going for an “old school” approach to metal. They manage to mix some old school Sabbath-y doom with equal parts hardcore punk energy and the subversive beauty of Baroness. The result is a riff-happy, melody-driven, hard hitting and aurally fascinating brand of metal goodness. Enough of me blabbing like a fanboy, here’s their badass video for the song “MJØD” which is going to be on their debut album, which is coming out on June 21st:

It’s clear that, if nothing else, these guys have the respect of their peers, as they’ve got John Dyer Baizley from Baroness doing the artwork for their album. So hopefully they’ll get the recognition they deserve. Who knows? Maybe if Baroness blow up like High on Fire has we’ll be able to see this band stateside. For now I’m just hoping we’ll be able to get our hands on their LPs here.

Don’t forget to check out their other songs on their myspace:


Best Bands You’ve Never Heard of: Planes Mistaken For Stars

There aren’t words to properly explain Planes Mistaken For Stars’ last and most potent album. It’s very raw, gritty, in-your-face, and not always easy to listen to. Despite this, there’s something very beautiful about their music. Their sound tends to bring in elements of hardcore, folk, and metal (some post-rock even) into a strange globule of potent rock that is anything but boring. Sadly, I missed out on seeing these guys on their final tour because I was not yet 21 and could not get into the venue the gig was taking place at.

Here are some vids of this tremendous band:

These guys really knew how to deliver some badass rock and roll in an unusual package. Necessary (not recommended) listening includes “Mercy” and the compilation record: “We Ride to Fight! (The First Four Years)”


Massive Rock Band Brofest

Today, Red Bull, futile dreams, and idle stupidity combined in Mount Vernon, NY. Myself, TV’s Ross Colombo, and Emilio Herce got together to do the first of two spring break band practices for our band. Idol Collapse. We play a style of metal/hardcore known as “The Situationcore” because it is both very loud and very obnoxious and thinks it’s way cooler than it actually is much like Mike “the Situation”. We played through some Queens of the Stone Age covers and hammered out a nearly completed draft of a song called “Red Mountains”. We’ll be getting together with the very talented Chris “The Real” Diehl on bass this Wednesday so we can hopefully start terrorizing a dive bar in Brooklyn near you this spring. Here’s some pictures of the practice space from where I sit like a jack-off watching the new Every Time I Die DVD while Ross fixes a guit-box. Groovy.


New Junk Aesthetic One Sentence Review for Late Comers Extravaganza

The music one would listen to at a party attended by every action movie hero from the 80’s.


Fuck Me for not Getting this sooner

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