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*You* Go to Hell

I recently logged in after a long period of inactivity, (I get bored of WordPress often) and found this in our spam comments on our contact page:

I’d like to ask questions of this bullshit diet spam website. Who or what is my God? What are rules I set forth? Am I going to hell or is Ross going to hell? This is what happens when spam bots don’t designate the antecedents to pronouns! Either my soul or Ross’ or GASP both ours could be in jeopardy and I don’t know now!



We got him. After all this time, the terrorist Osama Bin Laden, hunted for so long, has been killed by US Navy Seals. I enjoyed the patriotism and celebration that accompanied this news late last night. I am glad for the many families this brings closure to. I don’t want to politicize this victory (the pundits and the President himself have already done that in spades) but I do want to give thanks to our brave members of the armed forces and hope that soon they can come home. For Good. This will be a surreal day I’ll remember just as much as when our Italian class paused to learn the WTC had been hit 10 years ago. I’ll be happy to remember this one though.


Enjoy 4/20 while you can, Skynet takes over tomorrow

According to Terminator, tomorrow the Machines take over our world. So have fun getting high while you can greasy stoners of America.

A tune from a bunch of straightedge dudes to celebrate the day:


More Radio Awesome

It’s Friday, and I’m back up at school, so that means more action on the radio show! Tune in tonite at 8pm, right here:

Tonite should be a good one, Besides the usual weird black/drone/doom shit, we’ll have some Sleep, Electric Wizard, Isis and some rare tracks from Kylesa and Torche! It’s going to be a fun one, so listen in!


More Sleep Shows Announced, More Doom-heads Happy

The universe seems to be trying to forgive itself for a) it being Monday b) it snowing where I am and c) making me miss Sleep’s reunion tour in September. Because recently Sleep has announced that they’re coming back for more this summer! Continue reading ‘More Sleep Shows Announced, More Doom-heads Happy’


In case you missed it, there are videos of a new Sleep song.

Yeah. I know. I was shocked, too.

I sadly missed seeing Sleep on their (possibly last) tour this past September. I think I intentionally avoided watching videos from the shows because I was so bitter and angry about not being able to go. Today I was looking to see some vids of the boys playing “Dragonaut” to see just how wrong I’ve been playing it (not very, surprisingly), and I saw “Antarcticus Thawed” in the related videos bar. Sure enough, this is a “new” Sleep track. Probably a relic from just before the band broke up after frustrations related to Jerusalem/Dopesmoker was shelved by London Records, but still, it’s new to us plebeians. It’s about as doomy as the band can get this side of Dopesmoker, and that’s something I can definitely get behind. Check the video and some links after the jump. Continue reading ‘In case you missed it, there are videos of a new Sleep song.’


Actual News: All Pigs Must Die in the Studio, Signed to Southern Lord

It’s recently come out that one of my favorite new bands, All Pigs Must Die have signed with one of my favorite labels, Southern Lord. There’s something wholly satisfying about that, y’know? Continue reading ‘Actual News: All Pigs Must Die in the Studio, Signed to Southern Lord’

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