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Enjoy 4/20 while you can, Skynet takes over tomorrow

According to Terminator, tomorrow the Machines take over our world. So have fun getting high while you can greasy stoners of America.

A tune from a bunch of straightedge dudes to celebrate the day:


Friendly Cult Radio 4/15

In this week’s special edition, DJs TV’s Ross and DJ DrillEar did battle sonically. With metal. And it was awesome.

Electric Wizard – “Wizard in Black”
Witchrist – “Deathbitch”
Weedeater – “God Luck and Good Speed” / “Wizard Fight”
Coffinworm – “Spitting in Infinity’s Asshole”
Dir en grey – “The Deeper Vileness”
Antediluvian – “The Serpentine Double Helix”
Down – “New Orleans is a Dying Whore”
Cobalt – “Angelfangs”
Cynic – “Veil of Maya”
Blut Aus Nord – “The Fall: Chapter V”
BXI – “Rain”
Titanblood – “Seven Chalices of Vomit and Blood”
The Melvins – “Boris”
Noisear – “Breaking Bad at the Mulberry”/ “Waiting to be Born”/ “Gestapolis”/ “Inevitable Extinction”
Red Fang – “Throw Up”
Wormrot – “No One Give A Shit”/ “Compulsive Disposition”/ “All Go No Emo”/ “Public Display of Infection”/ “Overpowered Violence”/ “Semiconscious Godsized Dumbass”
Black Tusk – “Embrace the Madness”
Trap Them – “Day 31: Mission Convincers”
Thrones – “Oso Malo”
Wormrot – “Spot A Pathetic”/ “Evolved into Nothing”/ “Butt Kreig is Showing”/ “Fucking Fierce, So What”/ “Ferocious Bombardment”/ “Principle of Puppet Warfare”

Dig it.


The Greatest Song in the World

This was brought to my attention by my wonderful girlfriend. Clearly her music taste is better than mine.

I’m so glad this came into my life.


Friendly Cult Radio Setlist 4/8

Heard something you liked on tonite’s show? Here’s the list of songs that melted your face tonite, oh devout Listeners.

Cloudkicker – “Discovery”
Porcupine Tree – “Bonnie the Cat”
Trap Them – “Drag the Wounds Eternal”
Dark Throne – “Kathaarian Life Code”
Idol Collapse – “Red Mountains” (shameless self-plug!)
Idol Collapse – “Diatribe of Fools”
Kohl’s Guy Band – “Damned Something”
Vasaeleth – “Crypt Born and Tethered to Ruin”
Kvelertak – “Liktorn”
Sunn o))) – “Big Church (Megszentségteleníthetetlenségeskedéseitekért)”
Burzum – “Erblicket Die Töchter Des Firmaments”
Wolves in the Throne Room – “Queen of the Borrowed Light”
Opeth – “Derelect Herds”
Mayhem – “Freezing Moon”
Witchrist – “Temple of War”
Asbestosdeath – “Scourge”


Record Store Day: What’re you getting edition

I am so excited for Record Store Day this year. What is Record Store Day you ask? Why does it make April 16th infinitely better than any other day of the year for Vinyl lovers? Take it away Mr. Homme.

So many great bands are putting out fantastic platters of wax for music lovers of all persuasions. The list of special releases is simply staggering. I’m already fairly certain which records are must haves for me.

1. Between the Buried and Me – The Parallax: Hypersleep Dialogues They're better than you
A Proggy Death Metal EP that we’ve told you about before, this marks BTBAM’s first release with Metal Blade after jumping ship from leading independent douchers Victory Records.

2. Mastodon – Live at the Aragon Vinyl/DVD
Live Mastodon Music, Live Mastodon Video, Trippy Companion video to Crack the Skye. The only way this package could be better is if they gave you an 8th and papers.

3. My Chemical Romance – Na Na Na Picture Disk 7′
Why? Cause FUCK YOU that's why
My Chem’s undeniably catchy first single from Danger Days with unreleased track “Zero Percent” on a very cool looking 7 inch? I’m down

What’re you getting fools?


In Which I Subject People To Music

So, I’ve been helping out a friend’s radio show lately, which has been a lot of fun. I’ve heard from at least one person who was interested in what we’ve been playing, so I’ve decided to compile lists of our song selection after each show. I didn’t do this after the show two weeks ago (last week we were off the air), so Here are both week’s lists. All the bands and songs listed here are worth checking out, so do some homework! Continue reading ‘In Which I Subject People To Music’


More Radio Awesome

It’s Friday, and I’m back up at school, so that means more action on the radio show! Tune in tonite at 8pm, right here:

Tonite should be a good one, Besides the usual weird black/drone/doom shit, we’ll have some Sleep, Electric Wizard, Isis and some rare tracks from Kylesa and Torche! It’s going to be a fun one, so listen in!