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The Death Knell of Palm: New Beginnings Elsewhere?

In a move that should surprise no one who’s kept their ear to the ground for the last few months, Palm has put itself on the block according to Bloomberg. Between the failure of Sprint to initially capitalize on the Pre’s fantastic Web Os, lack of app support, failed bizarre marketing schemes, and lackluster earning reports the signs were all there. CEO Jon Rubenstein’s hesitance to speak on the sale just a week ago hints to me that today’s announcement hadn’t just been in the works for weeks, this was a scheduled event. So where does Palm, who brought such innovation to the mobile space with Web OS go from here?

Interested parties appear to include HTC and Lenovo though all signs point to HTC winning out this battle. I don’t really see how Palm would help make Thinkpads any more potent than they are at present though any company would be glad to have the forward thinkers at Palm behind them. HTC has been one of my favorite handset makers since I first demoed the T-Mobile G1 for customers. Outside of an obvious fruit themed company, they’ve best implemented touch screen based input in mobile devices and their allegiance to Android has brought forth some truly fantastic handsets. The two things I’d be curious to see is to what extent HTC preserves Web OS if they acquire Palm. Does it become a discarded fetus on the way to greater Android supremacy, integrated into the Sense UI, or developed further as an in house OS? It seems to me that any of these options save the first bodes poorly for Android’s already fragmenting platform. My second point of curiosity is whether or not the patents HTC would gain in the acquisition will give them enough firepower to defeat Apple in the upcoming infringement suit. I’m an unabashed Apple acolyte but the capitalist in me knows the value of true competition. If HTC could at least settle on even terms with Apple it would bring them closer to finally giving the iPhone a real run for its mountains of money. This is one deal I will be paying close attention to.


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