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Trivium release Dusk Dismantled; Lou’s faith is subsequently restored in Metal music

Some background. Trivium’s first single, “In Waves”, is a great song. As I said before the track is solid and catchy but not different or groundbreaking. It almost sounds as though Matt Heafy listened to too much A Day to Remember. I was worried to say the least that the rest of the album would be much of the same. Enter Dusk Dismantled:

No this is definitely different. The stomping riff that dominates the song really gets my blood boiling while higher pitched guitars create an ominous mood. Heafy’s vocals sound positively possessed. A tight syncopated riff leads into flashs of brilliance that Trivium fans have come to love. I find myself legitimately terrified of this song. Bravo, Gentlemen.


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