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My Review of Protest The Hero’s Scurrilous

I can’t stand metal. Maybe I’m just old fashioned, but I think vocals should have a melody, or at least a couple notes.

The preceding quote is comment on my good friend Joe Bonica’s Facebook. Joe and myself were gleefully celebrating the leak of Canadian progressive metal band, Protest the Hero’s 3rd studio album, Scurrilous which is perhaps the greatest rebuttal in recent memory to the commenter’s assertion about metal. Continue reading ‘My Review of Protest The Hero’s Scurrilous’


Protest The Hero release C’est La Vie.

Here it is. The first track of Scurrilous by Protest the Hero, Canada’s favorite Prog sons, (Suck it Geddy Lee). I like the tune itself although it didn’t floor me but it certainly has wet my appetite for the full album’s release on March 22nd. Check it out!


Albums to watch out for in an oddly specific month of 2011

So March seems to be the month to look forward to in metal in 2011. Obviously, at this point we’re already aware of The Human Abstract’s Digital Veil coming out on March 8th, but there are two more releases to keep an eye out for…

Protest the Hero – Scurrilous

It’s hard to believe it’s been nearly three years since Fortress, PTH’s sophomore effort, but thankfully everyone’s favorite gang of Canadians is coming back this year with Scurrilous. As usual, the band has graced us with a trio of studio update vids over the course of the album’s creation, but those were focused more on things like dropping watermelons on a naked Rody Walker than giving fans a look on the music that was being created. To be honest, I’m okay with that. The few clips they showed piqued my interest because they were so enticing. The tech-y goodness is all there in aplomb, and Rody can still sing his ass off, but what really got me excited for Scurrilous was the return of Jadae Kelly on vocals. Her appearances on Kezia were fantastic, and I’m looking forward to hearing her and Rody belting out once again on record.

Look for this one on March 22nd via Underground Operations if you’re a Canuck or Vagrant if you’re from the US.

Kvelertak – Kvelertak

I’ve already made my undying love for the ‘Tak clear in an earlier post, so I’m going to try (try) not to turn this into a love-fest. If you got rapt up in the buzz that started around this band earlier in the year, you might have come across a pretty staggering road block in between you and one of the most impressive albums of the year: they’re from Norway. On a Norwegian indie label, with the appropriate moniker “Indie Recordings.” I went a bit rabid in my desire for this album, so I went ahead and ordered the LP/CD combo which took roughly 3 months to actually get to me. Was it worth it? Hell yes. Was I a little insane? Probably. But now Kvelertak have been signed to The End Records, who are setting this album loose on March 15th. So do yourself a favor and buy that when it comes out stateside (Totally worth it, especially because of John Dyer Baizley’s STUNNING artwork for the album), or if you’re fortunate enough to be on the west coast, try to sneak your way into the Scion Rock Fest in LA.

Hopefully this will mean the band will start touring the US soon. Baroness/Kylesa/Kvelertak tour, anyone?

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