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Lou’s One Sentence Review of In Waves by Trivium

I love Trivium so I was so stokked when I heard they were putting out a new album! Continue reading ‘Lou’s One Sentence Review of In Waves by Trivium’


Trivium release Dusk Dismantled; Lou’s faith is subsequently restored in Metal music

Some background. Trivium’s first single, “In Waves”, is a great song. As I said before the track is solid and catchy but not different or groundbreaking. It almost sounds as though Matt Heafy listened to too much A Day to Remember. I was worried to say the least that the rest of the album would be much of the same. Enter Dusk Dismantled:

No this is definitely different. The stomping riff that dominates the song really gets my blood boiling while higher pitched guitars create an ominous mood. Heafy’s vocals sound positively possessed. A tight syncopated riff leads into flashs of brilliance that Trivium fans have come to love. I find myself legitimately terrified of this song. Bravo, Gentlemen.


Roadrunner Doubleheader: Machine Head and Trivium

This year has been phenomenal for metal enthusiasts of all stripes. Ross and have already written about some of them. This summer, Roadrunner Records artists Machine Head and Trivium will add to the growing list of superb releases in 2011. Continue reading ‘Roadrunner Doubleheader: Machine Head and Trivium’