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The Belated Hott Drag Race Write-Up

Dear readers, (all 4 of you), your humble blogger is worn out from school work. But now I get to catch-up on writing about other things we’ve done.

Last weekend as I briefly mentioned saw Delta Lambda Phi Fraternity bring an event of epic proportions, the HOTT Drag Race to NYU’s Kimmel Center. The 10th floor was packed and excited to see members of fraternities and sororities work it out in drag to seek the judges approval. I showed up right around the time of the show’s start with some brothers right after our Jiu Jitsu event along with Pi Beta Phi’s entrant, Kylie Kall. The winner of the Best Dressed Drag King Award, she clearly disapproved of my photo skills.

The event began with an address from DLP president Ryan Rockmore and representatives from HOTT, Health Outreach to Teens about the important work we were helping with our ticket and raffle purchases:

The problem HOTT seeks to combat is truly difficult. Teens and young adults usually receive their healthcare through their parents. But for many LGBT youth, their very identity makes them unwelcome in their parents’ homes. Where can they go to find help and care then? This is where HOTT comes in. Through their free health clinic and outreach Bus, HOTT aims to provide with “no questions and no judgements” medical care, counseling, and testing. With a team of practitioners and peer advocates, HOTT is doing an amazing service for these young people.

After the presentations, Emcees Dominique Aviance and Jacqueline Dupree took the stage to perform before the Sorority Drag Kings strutted their stuff.

Our hilarious judges (of whom we have Bianca Del Rio, Sherry Vine and Yuhua Hamasaki) photographed) left the entire crowd laughing all night. I don’t think most of NYU was ready for how funny or raunchy these ladies would be. Unfortunately, I’m discovering that my Blackberry’s camera does not work well in low light situations and most of my shots of the Drag Queen and King competitions didn’t come out! Damnit! Here’s Ali Jacobs who won best Drag King:

I do have photos of the winner of of the Drag Queen Competition, our own Sam Bicak. With a type of dedication not often seen, he floored the judges to the tune of Gunther’s “The Ding Dong Song”. I think he may have gotten a number or two from the judges table haha. Here he is with our other brother Spencer Reckford on the right.

All in all, DLP should be very proud of themselves for this event. They took a cause they really cared about and put on a huge event despite having far less brothers than many of the other fraternities at NYU. They made an event that was not just fun and hilarious but also helps the community in a very direct way. We in SigEp could stand to learn a thing or two from it. Here’s hoping we get a chance to repeat our victory next year.


Newsflash: We’re all going to die

Hope I didn’t just ruin your day. But that body you live in is not yours. It is very much borrowed. But the good news is that it doesn’t have to just go to waste when you croak. No you can actually donate organs to people in need of them rather than just having them decompose through an Organization called Donate Life America. We’ve added a new Social Vibe Widget to the blog to help get the word out about how important it is to register to donate your delicious organs to charity. Just give it a click and you’ll already be helping folks through a partnership with several large donors.

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